PIP and PHF Kick Off 2007 Placement Season

Organization referrals have been sent to applicants, interviews are underway, and now all that is left is to wait as host organizations and applicants make their decisions.

“Placement season” is always an exciting time at Princeton Project 55. This year, a new PIP Manager, a new Fellowship program, a new interview process, and more than 50 new host organizations are only a few of the changes to the Fellowship program.

The Public Interest Program (PIP), under the guidance of new Program Manager Kathleen Reilly, received 134 applicants for positions at 101 organizations across the country, including new positions in Washington, DC, Boston, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Atlanta, Baltimore, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The PIP also reintroduced an application fee of twenty dollars this year, the proceeds of which will go toward a new online application for 2008-2009.

For the first time, PIP applicants also had the option of applying for The Public Health Fellowship (PHF). To apply for the PHF, applicants were required to complete the PIP application and a supplemental PHF segment, as well as submit an additional essay.

After almost two years of planning, the PHF debuted this winter with 37 applicants for 19 public health positions on the East Coast.

In addition to the introduction of a new program, significant changes were made to the interview process for Fellowship applicants.

More than 30 alumni, including 11 current Fellows, traveled to Princeton during the first half of February to meet with prospective Fellows and to refer applicants to host organizations.

However, while the alumni interview part of the process remained in tact, the first round interview with the PIP Manager was eliminated, and applicants were not limited as to the number of locations to which they could be referred.

For the PHF, applicants were not interviewed by location. Instead, during their alumni interview, applicants were considered for all of the positions available in the PHF.

Now that the application and interview process is over, the Princeton Project 55 Fellowship Programs are in their final phases as applicants are currently interviewing with host organizations and waiting for offers to be extended. By mid-April all Fellowships will be finalized.

In the next issue, the 2007-2008 Fellows will be announced.

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