Thank You, 2009 Interviewers

By Stephanie Mirkin,

PP55 Program Manager


This past January, alumni volunteers assisted with interviews for each applicant. Interviews provide a great opportunity for fellowship applicants to interact with members of our vibrant alumni community, and for alumni volunteers to hear more about how and why these young Princetonians hope to put their principles into practice through a PP55 fellowship.


Thank you to the following interviewers for your time and commitment to the mission and vision of Project 55:



·       Clara Botstein ’07

·       Gordon Douglas ’55

·       Anna Douthat ’08

·          Steve Houck ’69

·       Professor Stanley N. Katz

·       Maureen Kimball S72, P07

·       Scott Levy ’02

·       Katie Lewis-LaMonica ’08

·       Sheila Mahoney S55

·       Anne Marie Maman ’84

·       Mimi Murley ’76

·       Rebecca Nemec ’05

·       Joseph Robinson ’04

·       Chet Safian ’55

·       Misha Simmonds ’97

·       Sam Suratt ’55

·       Marcia Willsie S86, P07


Contact if you are interested in participating in the fellows’ orientation this May, or helping with fellowship interviews next year.

One thought on “Thank You, 2009 Interviewers

  1. jshriver

    Thank you everyone! We could not have done it with out you! Together we interviewed almost 140 applicants in 30 days!

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