Neuwirth’s book reveals personal account of Institute for Defense Analyses, Princeton University, and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations

Nothing Personal, a new book by Lee Neuwirth '55.
Nothing Personal, a new book by Lee Neuwirth '55.

In Nothing Personal, Lee Neuwirth reveals how his work for the government, though not on the war, made him a target of opportunity for campus organizations and much of the Princeton community.

PRINCETON, N.J.– In Nothing Personal, Lee Neuwirth examines his years working for a controversial defense department organization during the Vietnam War.

From 1965 until 1977, Lee Neuwirth was Deputy Director at the Institute for Defense Analyses in its Communications Research Division (IDA/CRD). While he himself was opposed to the Vietnam War and his division had nothing to do with Vietnam, his association with IDA made him suspect. The physical presence of the Institute on University land provided a convenient target for those who did not believe him and opposed the war.

Neuwirth’s story is sympathetic to both sides of the conflict and offers unique insider knowledge of the events that took place. He also reveals his family’s story, and how they coped with the anger of a divided community and the rage of the students, who trashed his building, all the while insisting that none of the attacks were personal. Loyal to his country but opposed to the government’s policies, Neuwirth repeatedly stated to the demonstrators that he was not working on the war. Nevertheless he was accused of immoral behavior. From public debates to his interactions with students and his community, Neuwirth’s chronicle offers an unusual frame of reference for a tumultuous time in American history.

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About the Author
Lee Neuwirth was the Deputy Director at IDA/CRD during the anti-war, anti-IDA demonstrations at Princeton, later serving as Director for eight years. Neuwirth graduated from Princeton University with a degree in chemical engineering, he also received a master’s degree in applied math from Columbia University and a doctorate in math from Princeton University. He worked at IDA until his retirement in 1999. He is the recipient of the Exceptional Career Service Award from the National Security Agency. His son Peter Neuwirth is an actuary, and his daughter Bebe Neuwirth is an actress.

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