Princeton TeacherPrep: Engaging Alumni in Education


Princeton AlumniCorps is eager to highlight the efforts of other organizations and programs predicated on alumni civic engagement. One such program is The Princeton University Program in Teacher Preparation. Recently, Princeton Project 55 Fellowship Program Assistant Lisa Baumert had a chance to sit down with Chris Campisano, Director of Teacher Preparation and learn more about the TeacherPrep program.


The Princeton University Program in Teacher Preparation (TeacherPrep) is committed to equipping Princeton students and alumni with the skills and experience they need to effectively serve the public interest in the area of education. For the past 44 years TeacherPrep has provided students and alumni  the opportunity to earn state licensure to teach at the middle and secondary school levels in the core academic areas of English, mathematics, science, social studies, and world languages. This education program is unique in its integration of educational theory and practice, its mentorship and professional network opportunities, and its openness to Princeton alumni of all ages. TeacherPrep develops effective teachers who possess thorough knowledge of subject matter and a comprehensive understanding of learning and teaching.

Prospective students in the TeacherPrep program must complete a two-stage application process and meet minimum GPA and General Education Course requirements. Once admitted, the program includes an Introductory Practicum and four primary courses: TPP 301, Seminar on Learning and Teaching; PSY 307, Educational Psychology; TPP 401, Seminary on Education; and TPP 402, Practice Teaching. Each of these core required courses include a “field component” with experience in classroom settings. Each student enrolled in the TeacherPrep program has access to relationships and professional networks.

The TeacherPrep program offers support for Princeton alumni seeking to advance their educational and professional experience. In addition to receiving reduced tuition costs through the Princeton University Office of Continuing Education, Princeton alumni in the TeacherPrep program are eligible for financial aid.   Residency in Princeton, NJ and a year-long commitment are required for alumni in the TeacherPrep program.

Beyond preparing Princeton students and alumni to become certified teachers, The Program in Teacher Preparation at Princeton University supports education through three other initiatives: The Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP), which offers educational programs for economically disadvantaged high school students; QUEST, a professional development program for elementary and middle school teachers in the Princeton area; and Teachers as Scholars, which provides seminars for Princeton area teachers. TeacherPrep also helps students transition from undergrad into a professional environment by assisting them in finding full-time education placements after graduation, and offering support in students’ first years of service.

TeacherPrep offers Princeton students and alumni important knowledge and training, and experience to serve the public interest in the field of education.

Those wishing to obtain more information about the TeacherPrep program should contact Christopher J. Campisano, Director of Teacher Preparation at, or Todd W. Kent, Associate Director of Teacher Preparation/Director of Teacher Certificate Program at The Program in Teacher Preparation is located at 41 William Street, Princeton, NJ 08540, Phone: (609) 258-3336 FAX: (609) 258-4527. More information can also be found at

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