TAN Affiliate Placements 2011-12

The affiliates of The Alumni Network saw another successful year of internship and fellowship placements. From the programs reporting, more than 720 placements were made for this summer and the coming year. This is by far the most placements The Alumni Network has ever made.

2011-12 Internship and Fellowship Placements

Program Fellows Interns
Active Citizenship Summers: Alumni Network (Tufts University) ** **
Bucknell Public Interest Program 0 40
Center for Public Interest Careers at Harvard 33 57
Colorado College Public Interest Fellowship Program 30  0
Dartmouth Partners in Community Service 11 42
Northwestern Public Interest Program 10 0
Princeton Class of 1969 Community Service Fund / Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) 0 75
Princeton in Africa 34 0
Princeton in Asia 168 0
Princeton in Latin America 27 0
Princeton Project 55 Fellowships (A program of Princeton AlumniCorps) 54 0
Princeton ReachOut 56-81-06 3 0
Princeton University Pace Center Sponsored Fellowships 9 0
Stanford Public Interest Network 11 100
The John and Mimi Elrod Fellowship (Washington and Lee) 6 68
University of Chicago Public Interest Program 12 0
University of Colorado Public Interest Internship Experience (PIIE)  0 9
 ** denotes pending information

Dartmouth Launches Year-long Fellowship Program

“Dartmouth seniors hoping to work in the nonprofit sector after graduating can now look to the Dartmouth Partners and Community Service Post-Graduate Fellowship program — formatted like corporate recruiting for the public-service professions — for salary and career support. Beginning in June 2010, a group of selected alumni will work as fellows at nonprofit organizations and government agencies in Washington, D.C., and New York City.” Click here to read the full article: http://thedartmouth.com/2009/11/06/news/service/

Fellowship Application Open!

The PP55 Fellowship application is now available!  All recent Princeton graduates are eligible to apply for these public service opportunities. You can access it by registering and logging into our online community: https://community.alumnicorps.org/netcommunity/applyandlogin.  Applications are due by Friday, December 11.

Learn more about the fellowship program and the application and selection process on our website at www.alumnicorps.org. If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Mirkin at pip@alumnicorps.org.

Click here for instructions about how to create and submit your application.

Please contact Stephanie Mirkin at pip@alumnicorps.org if you have any questions.

Former PP55 Intern Published in Chicken Soup for the Soul

9781935096344Michelle Dette Gannon ’97 inspires others through her PP55 internship experience in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles:

“While most of my colleagues interned their junior year at prestigious investment banks, I drove halfway across the country in my sputtering ‘87 Toyota to work with a Boys & Girls Club on Lac Courte Oreilles Indian Reservation in Wisconsin that summer. Aside from praying that my car would not fall apart, I became more excited with every mile, as I anticipated this new opportunity to live and learn from the Ojibwa tribe.  Project 55 offered this special opportunity and I jumped on the chance to do something that I may never have an option to do again.”

Click here to view the complete story.

2009-10 Applicants and Fellows at a Glance

2009-10 Fellowship Applicant Statistics

 – 149 applicants applied for 2009-2010 PP55 Fellowships
–  126 applicants were from the class of 2009, representing 84.6% of the applicant pool and 11% of the  graduating class
–  15.4% of the applicant pool represents class years other than 2009
–  76% of the applicant pool were female
–  In total, applicants represented 28 different majors
– The departments of history, WWS and psychology were most common, representing 35% of the entire applicant pool, 38.1% of applicants from the Class of 2009
–  16.8% of the applicant pool had engineering or hard science degrees

2009-10 PP55 Fellows Statistics 

–  There are a total of 46 fellows
–  34 of the fellows are female (76%) and 12 are male (26%)
–  37 are from the class of 2009, which is about 80% of the fellows and 3% of the class
–  Fellows represent 19 different majors
– The most common major was Politics, representing about 13%, followed by Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Psychology, History, and the Woodrow Wilson School at almost 8% each, and 22% of the fellows majored in the hard sciences and engineering