Project 55 Across the Nation: Regional Updates

PP55 Fellows are currently serving the public interest in these locations.
PP55 Fellows are currently serving the public interest in these locations.

Bay Area, California

Project 55 is working to energize their base in the Bay Area! John Shriver, PP55’s new Program Manager, visited San Francisco fellows, partner organizations, volunteers, and supporters from Oct. 27th-29th. John was excited to meet with Project 55’s “boots on the ground.”


Princeton Project 55 and Harvard CPIC are working together to present “On Philanthropy,” a collaborative seminar featuring The Boston Foundation. Come hear from a leader in the field at the Phillips Brooks House on Harvard campus!


It was a busy October for our Chicago group. At the Oct. 15th Mixer for current and former fellows, PP55ers had the opportunity to meet and network with professionals in their field and discuss their Project 55 experiences. On Oct. 30, PP55 Fellows were the honored guests (wow!) at the Chicago Aspire and Inspire dinner.


Feel like Connecticut fellows are out of the loop? Think again! On October 30th, fellows were on the front lines of public health as they toured the Fairhaven Community Health Center, where Sita Bushan ’08 is currently a PP55 Fellow.

New Jersey / New York

Nov. 18 was a great opportunity for fellows, mentors and nonprofit professionals to meet, greet and make connections at the second annual PP55 Connections Night!

Washington, D.C.

Think there’s a set curriculum to follow to revamp educational opportunity in the United States? Think again. D.C. area fellows, TAN Affiliates and volunteers heard from three leaders in D.C. education reform who are shaking things up and working relentlessly to provide high quality education for all children. The Education Entrepreneurship seminar on Nov.10 featured accomplished leaders from College Summit, Teach for America and D.C. Preparatory Academy.

To learn more about the many exciting PP55 regional activities taking place across the nation, contact John Shriver at