Regional Updates

Bay Area

The Bay Area Committee is excited to welcome seven new Project 55 fellows this summer. If you are interested in mentoring or volunteering with the local committee, please email us at



In Boston, several fellows attended a TEDx event in Boston called “Thriving Over Surviving” focused on the  intersection of medicine, technology and health. The topic was very relevant to the Boston Fellows cohort as they all work in healthcare.

One of our fellows, who is staying on another year at his position, said that he with the help of his mentor he has been able to “receive career advice from plenty of doctors, as well as lots of structured career help.” He enjoyed being able to talk to his mentor who was also working in healthcare but did something a little different than the fellow currently does.

The Boston Area Committee is planning a wrap up event for the end of May. They will partner with the Princeton  Area Club of New England, who is hosting the club’s annual gathering and Princeton Prize in Race Relations. Andrea Campbell ’05 will be the keynote speaker at the even.



Former PP55 fellow Jake Jackson ’14 recently hosted current fellows for a seminar at Chicago Public Schools (CPS). The seminar touched on the state of education in Chicago, including the teachers’ contract, state funding, charter schools, and school academic accountability. Fellows from Princeton, Northwestern, and University of Chicago also attended a panel seminar with former fellows from all three programs about life after the fellowship. Panelists shared their experiences post-fellowship, including graduate school opportunities, job-hunting and networking tips, and how to continue serving the public  interest.

In March, the Chicago Area Committee held a happy hour at a local Chicago brewery the day of the Illinois primary. It was a great time for fellows and mentors to catch up with one another and warm up during the Chicago winter!

The last week of April, the Area Committee will be having a seminar on “Exploring Identity and Privilege”, organized by three of our current fellows. The seminar will be an interactive, perspective-challenging, and skill-building exploration of how our identities affect our experiences. The end-of-year celebration is also quickly approaching on May 17th. We’re looking forward to celebrating the end of another great fellowship year in Chicago with fellows, mentors, area committee volunteers, and friends of AlumniCorps.


New Jersey

The New Jersey Area Committee is planning a social event for current and future fellows, area alumni and former fellows, and the whole committee at Terhune Orchards this month. The event will welcome fellows to the Princeton AlumniCorps community.


New York

2016 continues to be a busy year for the New York Area Committee. In January, fellows attended The Evolution of New York City. Featured panelists were Jessica Lautin and Mason Williams. Jessica is a Senior Content Developer and Strategist for Gallagher & Associates, a museum planning and design firm. Mason is the author of the award-winning book City of Ambition: FDR, La Guardia, and the Making of Modern New York (2013). He received his Ph.D. from Columbia in 2012 and currently teaches at Williams College.

In March, fellows were treated to a private tour of the Whitney Museum led by the Director of Education. Eight fellows and seven Area Committee members attended. The seminar featured a presentation on the history of the Whitney and current programs, and then an abbreviated guided tour to a few exhibits with one of the teaching     fellows. The Career Night seminar, also held in March,  featured small group discussion organized by industry   including sections on communications, nonprofits, teaching and law. Fellows moved between industry groups and could ask questions.

In April, Eleanor Meegoda ’12 organized a social enterprise seminar. The event featured three panelists, Deborah Chang ’10, Edtech social entrepreneur; Aaron Charlop-Powers, Senior Planner at the Center for Court Innovation; and Stephanie Koh, Columbia MPA/MPP in Public Health).

Panelists spoke about what drew them to social entrepreneurship, their thoughts on for-profit vs. nonprofit initiatives and jobs, and why in the framework of their careers they made both the professional and personal choices that led them to where they are.


Washington, DC

The Washington, DC are committee hosted a Meet and Greet at the Watergate and heard from new AlumniCorps Board Chair Liz Duffy ’88 about the strategic direction of AlumniCorps and ways to get involved in the  local area committee. In attendance were current and former fellows, Emerging Leaders, Board members, volunteers, and alumni. If you are interested in getting involved in the Washington, DC area committee, please email us at


2016-17 Princeton Project 55 Fellows

We are in the final stages of our Project 55 placement process, with 38 Fellows currently accepted and more to come! See below for our current roster of 2016-17 Project 55 Fellows.


Bay Area

Sharim Estevez  ’16
Envision Education

Sunny Zhang ’16
Envision Education

Prianka Misra ’16
GO Public Schools

Marisa Remez ’16
Pahara Institute

Ramie Fathy ’16
UCSF Breast Care Center

Colby Hyland ’16
UCSF Breast Care Center

Chiamaka Onwuzulike ’16
Youth UpRising



Nina Narayanan ’16
Community Day

Dinara Gabdrakhmanova ’16

Sanjay Rao ’16

Clara Kerwin ’16
Open Biome

Emilee Tu ’16
Open Biome



Aisha Oxley ’16
Free Spirit Media

Allie Lichterman ’16
Illinois State Board of Education

Virginia Midkiff ’16
National Equity Fund

Yoni Kirsch ’16
North Lawndale Employment Network

Beverly Nguyen ’16
Sinai Community Institute


New Jersey

Kelsey Kane-Ritsch ’16
D&R Greenway

Aliisa Lee ’16
International Schools Services

Maya Wahrman ’16
Princeton University – Office of Religious Life


New York

Maylin Meisenheimer ’16
All In Together Campaign

Dennisse Calle ’16
Coalition for Hispanic Family Services

Maguire Herriman ’16
New Alternatives for Children

Amanda Li ’16
New York Academy of Medicine

Shruthi Deivasigamani ’16
New York Center for Child Development

Cameron Ruffa ’16
New York District Attorney’s Office

Ilana Polster ’16
Rockefeller Foundation

Yessica Martinez ’15
Coalition for Hispanic Family Services

Sophie Andreassi ’16
Harlem RBI



Sahana Jayaraman ’16
University of Pennsylvania – Perelman School of Medicine


Washington, DC

Yende Grell ’16

Rebecca Neill ’16

Joelle Deleveaux ’16

Molly Fisch-Friedman ’16
Elevated Effect

Michael Moorin ’16

Shira Cohen ’16
Everyone On

Maggie Kent ’16
Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County

What is the impact of a Project 55 Fellowship? What partner organizations have told us…

What is the impact of a Project 55 Fellowship?

Princeton AlumniCorps, through the Project 55 Fellowship, Emerging Leaders, and ARC Innovators programs, provides ways for people to engage at every age.

Here are just a few of the many experiences that partner organization supervisors and contacts through the years have shared.

“All PP55 fellows I have worked with have been smart, capable, positive, hard-working, and great team members. They are always wonderful! Our fellow was WONDERFUL!!!  She had a great attitude, was a hard worker, and was eager to learn.”

Corey Merrill, Fourth Grade, Head of School, Community Day Public Charter School, Lawrence, MA   

“It’s great to have people coming in who are hard-working and enthusiastic, who are open to learning about the sector but who also bring new ideas and questions.”

Katherine Canning, Education Through Music, Inc., New York

“The [fellows] are always hard-working, smart, dedicated, and help infuse a lot of energy into the overall group.”

Meredith Buxton, UCSF Breast Care Center, San Francisco

“Our Fellow was a very strong staff person and performed just as strongly, if not better, than an entry-level staff member.”

Ilana Zafran, Umoja Student Development Corporation, Chicago

“We are delighted to continue partnering with AlumniCorps and look forward to adding a new fellow next year. The most worthwhile thing about the Project 55 program is having bright, energetic, curious young people adding value to our organization.”

Ann Ginsberg, Aeras, Rockville, MD

“PP55 Fellows are bright, committed, hard-working, ethical and passionate do-gooders. The Fellows are the reason a host organization ought to cast its lot with PP55. PP55 Fellows are of such high quality that any host organization smart enough to organize itself to take advantage of this great resource will find itself completely blessed.”

John Horan, North Lawndale College Prep, Chicago

“We have enjoyed our partnership with AlumniCorps. They provide training that allows the fellows to grow professionally during their time with the agency. It is great to work with the young talent. Our fellow was capable of producing high-level work early on in his fellowship and grew to the point of needing less direct supervision to accomplish tasks.”

Matt Vanover, Director of Public Education and Deputy Superintendent, Illinois State Board of Education

“From our perspective it is wonderful to have the services of a bright, motivated recent graduate for a year. As a non-profit organization, there is always more work than there are people to do it. As an organization that relies heavily on scientific analysis, having skilled, educated Fellows gives us a significant boost in being able to track and analyze literature. It is also always beneficial for an organization like ours to develop relationships with students who will go on to become the next generation of scholars and professionals.”

Dr. John Balbus, Environmental Defense, Washington, D.C.

Thank you to our Project 55 Alumni donors!

The #Springfor55 matching gift challenge runs for the 55 days from April 21 through June 1. All gifts from new (not donated yet this year) donors will be matched with $55, and if we reach 100 new donors, AlumniCorps will receive an additional $5500!

We’d like to thank all of the Project 55 donors who have already donated this year!

Prior to the challenge:

Aparna Miano ’91

Rebecca Deaton ’91

Rosemary Nidiry ’91

Matthew T. Bodie ’91

Shoshana M. Landow ’91

Julie R. Wingerter ’92 & Seth Lieberman

Daniel S. Kaufman ’92

Ann E. McGowan ’92

Paul Gazzerro III ’92

Jessica Rosenbaum ’92

Wendy L. McGoodwin ’93

Sarah Gladstone ’93

Jeremy M. Getson ’94 &  Lisa B. Getson ’93

Samantha DeKoven ’94

Anastasia Crosswhite ’94

Anna Maria Ortiz ’95

Cristina Ritchie Cooper ’96

Jennifer L. Carpenter ’96

Celine Gounder ’97

Scott E. Regenbogen ’97

Katherine S. Canning ’97

Leslie S. Gewin ’97

Hannah Barbosa ’98

Jessica Ginter Brubaker ’98

Stacy B. McAuliffe ’98

Jessica D. Johnson ’98

Owen Davis ’99

David J. Strozzi ’99

Lea A. Weems ’99 and Benjamin J. Porter ’98

Laura Collins ’99

Kirsten O. Hull ’99

Melissa H. Wu ’99

Kevin H. Moriarty ’99

Samuel Page ’10

Morey Barnes Yost ’00

Kevin Reich ’00

Lindsay L. Warner Ferrer ’01

Carrie & John Vomacka ’02

Lisa F. Lazarus ’02

Lindsay M. Wall ’02 & Jeremy Wall ’02

Westra Bea M. Miller ’03

Shannon Simmons ’03

John H. Lurz, III ’03

Ethan O. Meers ’03

Dana Malman Warren ’03

Ellison S. Ward ’04

Shena Elrington ’04

Emily Chiswick-Patterson ’05

Carol Rosenfeld ’05

Andrew Trueblood ’05

Benet J. Kearney ’05

Lisa Bennett ’05

Antoinette Seaberry ’05

Charlotte Weiskittel ’06

Rebecca Garr Whitaker ’06

Kathryn Fiorella ’06

Arti Sheth Thorne ’08 & Jack Thorne

Michael Noveck ’08

Andrew Protain ’08

Andrew Protain ’08

Katie E. Ko ’09

Nathalie M. Lagerfeld ’09

Blessing Agunwamba ’10

Kathryn T. Bailey ’10

Jessica Jardine ’10

Jessica Jardine ’10

Paul Nehring ’10

Reginald Galloway ’11

Matthew Salesi ’11

Jacquelin E. Hedeman ’11

Rachel Sverdlove ’11

Sara Peters ’11

Hollis Barber ’11

Eleanor D. Meegoda ’12

Dana L. Weinstein ’12

Latalia D. White ’13

Madeleine Woodle ’13

Amy Olivero ’13

Sarah Craig ’14

Aria Miles ’14

Amali Gunawardana ’14

And to those donors who have donated to date in response to the challenge (as of May 2, 2016):

R.Justin Smith ’90

Robert R. Taliercio, Jr. ’90

Edward R. McNicholas ’91

Dunrie A. Greiling ’92

Jennifer Daniels ’93

Paul Tibbits ’95

Paul Tibbits ’95

Thomas Levinson ’96

Kristin L. Vassallo ’97

Marshall M. Burkes ’98

Anna M. Varghese ’01

Linda Boachie-Ansah ’02

Christina Barba ’02

Scott Hindman ’03

Meredith Desautels ’04

Sarah Barbrow ’05

Jessica Aisenbrey ’05

Kristopher Lazzaretti ’06

Alexis Etow ’07

Aiala Levy ’07

Jonathan Extein ’10

Alix M. Greenwald ’10

Elizabeth C. Rosen ’10

 Schuyler L. Softy ’11

Sitraka Andriamanantenasoa ’11

Naomi Gilens ’11

Anna Condella ’12

Tessa Maurer ’13

Ryan Elliott ’14

Rodrigo Munoz Rogers ’14

The challenge ends on June 1 and our fiscal year ends on June 30. Make a gift today and make a difference!  #Springfor55 at Thank you.

What is the impact of a Project 55 Fellowship? What fellows have told us…

What is the impact of a Project 55 Fellowship?

Princeton AlumniCorps, through the Project 55 Fellowship, Emerging Leaders, andARC Innovators programs, provides ways for people to engage at every age. Here are just a few of the many experiences that fellowship participants and alumni through the years have shared.

“The program should be required of all Princeton graduates. Project ’55 gives a worldview that few Princetonians have. The ivory tower is very tall and we cannot see down. A liberal arts education should teach not only a range of academics, but also an understanding of our world.”

Andrew Garland ’01, Fellow at North Lawndale College Prep, Chicago                       

“…my experience here has really surpassed all expectations. I am proud of the organization’s mission, engaged with the people I work with, and excited about the work that I am doing.”

Megan Bouchier ’02, Fellow at College Summit, New York

“I actually get to have hands on interactions with patients, to sit down with them and chart out what exactly they want to get out of their consultation with the doctors. It is not facilitated in any way, I have been trained, and trusted to perform these tasks on my own, so this feels like a real job where I’m learning real skills, and have real responsibilities, and that’s the best part.”

Aprajita Anand ’06, Fellow at UCSF Breast Care Center, Bay Area

“PP55 is a rewarding first step into the real world.”

Nadia Ben-Youssef ’06, Fellow at Bethel New Life, Chicago

“The experience I have had at my fellowship has challenged me to work in a variety of capacities – including agriculture work, leading volunteers, supervising youth, outreach, development, and more. I will take away a multitude of practical skills and rewarding experiences that I gained from working with a motivated and talented group of people.”

Kathyrn Fiorella ’06, Fellow at The Food Project, Boston

“One of the best post-grad experiences you could ask for. [PP55] provides amazing opportunities to work with inspired youth who are dedicated to social justice and to social change.”

Rebecca Garr Whitaker ’06, Fellow at Sinai Health System, Chicago

“AlumniCorps is an excellent way to get an introduction into the nonprofit space. I really benefited from having a mentor when I had questions, and learned a lot from our monthly seminars. The program did an excellent job finding an organization that fit with my goals.”

Elizabeth Pillion ’05, Fellow at DC Prep, Washington, DC

“My PP55 fellowship has accomplished its mission. I now understand what doing intellectually stimulating work of public impact means and why it matters so much.”

Sitraka Andriamanantenasoa ’11, Fellow at Center on Halstead, Chicago

“ABC is absolutely fantastic. The position at Echo Park allows for a lot of self direction and independence. My supervisors absolutely trust me with my work and are always accessible for advise and guidance. The whole staff at ABC is a joy to work with. I feel blessed every single day that I get to go to work. I wouldn’t have traded my time there for anything.”

Victoria Lee ’13, Fellow at Association to Benefit Children, New York

Deep End with Buoys: Project 55 Fellow Spotlight

Asawari Sodhi ’15 comes from New Delhi, India and is a PP55 fellow with Safer Foundation in Chicago. At Princeton, she studied Comparative Politics and also Dance. She spent a year in Serbia as a participant in the Bridge Year Program, and then a summer in Bosnia as an IIP intern. She also studied the Indian constitution, and rural development through her internships back home. Apart from social/political theorizing, she enjoys choreography and performance.


Why did you choose a Project 55 fellowship to launch your post-Princeton life?

It was a logical outcome given my academic and work history. Moreover, as a yearlong fellowship, PP55 promised to be an involved experience and a good   interlude to an advanced degree.

What projects are you working on?

I’ve been helping with legislation, policy research for the Safer Policy Institute, research for the senior team and recommendations to the Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform. I’m also working on two white papers on court fees and occupational licensing.

What is the value to you of the fellowship?

I have an interest in public policy. The fellowship has been an opportunity to see it in motion. Also, being with an organization for a year allows time to understand and gain their trust. It gives my experience and the littlest contribution more depth.

What are your plans for next year?

I’ll begin planning for graduate school while, hopefully continuing to work in public policy.

If you were to sum up the experience in one or two sentences for a blog post, what would you say?

Deep end with buoys.

This article is part of a series spotlighting the impact of our programs.