Community Volunteers Program Launches

By John Shriver, Program Director

On October 13, Princeton AlumniCorps, in conjunction with the Princeton Club of Washington, held our first Community Volunteers outreach event in Washington DC, bringing together over 25 alumni for a rousing discussion around board service and how to best get plugged into the nonprofit sector. This event was a wonderful opportunity for the AlumniCorps community to engage a new group of Princetonians around our vision of civic engagement and leadership; it was a great start as we begin to reach out to nonprofit organizations and identify their needs at the Board level.

Alumni from the '60s, 70's, 80's and 90's gathered in Washington, DC for the launch for AlumniCorps' newest program.

Panelists Bill Richardson ’73, Dick Walker ’73 and Hilary Joel ’85 shared from their personal  experiences working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector, and offered advice to alumni looking to lend their skills in a new way.  As a precursor to the networking event Princeton AlumniCorps hosted November 15th with representatives of local nonprofits, this was a heartening first step for Princeton AlumniCorps newest program! Board member and facilitator, Arthur McKee ’90, closed the panel discussion by saying, “I hold this organization as a sacred trust bequeathed to us, the younger generations, by a truly inspiring group of individuals. It is up to us to continue to carry and lead their legacy through programs like Community Volunteers.”

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